CUSTOM WIG - Custom wigs are made to your particular specifications. The wigmaker will use any combination of hair fibers, color, styling and cap to build a wig that looks and feels like you.

LACE FRONT WIG - lace front wigs feature hair knotted into a lace net strip located at the front of the wig cap, or from front to back. Created to provide a seamless and transparent hairline that mimics your own. 

HUMAN HAIR WIGS - The hair used to make human hair wigs primarily comes from India, China, and parts of Europe. Hair is obtained and contracted through a factory for the specific purpose of making wigs/hairpieces. Wigs made with human hair are durable, however they require more upkeep than synthetic wigs and must be maintained on a regular basis.

SYNTHETIC WIGS - The hair used to make synthetic wigs is primarily made of modacrylic fibers that have the look and feel of real hair. The fibers have style memory which allows the original styling to be restored by simply spraying the wig with a water and dry setting. 

MACHINE-MADE WIG - Wigs that are made from wefts of hair that are sewn onto a wig cap using a sewing machine.

HAND-TIED - individual hair strands are knotted into a lace wig foundation. This results in naturally placed directional hair and greater overall movement with the look of natural hair growth.

OPEN WIG CAP - this wig cap does not contain a closed lace layer but instead features open hair wefts at the back and sides . By far the lightest weight cap you can purchase, they allow for excellent ventilation and comfort.

STANDARD WIG CAP - this wig cap is the most common and most affordable cap design. It has a closed lace/stretch mesh foundation. 

BLEACHED KNOTS - As the name is self-explanatory, the hair knots are put through a bleaching process after being tied to a lace base. The bleaching process removes the dark color from the tiny double/single knots and leaves a virtually invisible knot that appears to be growing right from your scalp.

VIRGIN HAIR - Very fine quality human hair in its original state which has not been chemically treated. It has not been permed, colored or altered in any way. The cuticle goes in the same direction and is preserved to maximize its special quality.  

REMY HAIR - Human Hair (usually Indian hair) has been harvested from root to end with the cuticle all going in the same direction that prevents the hair from tangling and is very easy to care for. It may be colored or permed. It is soft and silky and is used for making quality wigs and hairpieces.  

BLENDED HUMAN HAIR - A combination of human hair and synthetic fibers. The synthetic fiber tends to hold its shape after washing and the human hair helps to create a natural look. Many mass-produced factory wigs use human hair blends to keep cost down and produce affordable wigs.