If you're suffering from hair loss due to a medical issue your insurance company may cover or reimburse you for your custom Knottie Gyal Wig.

Here's what you need to know...

1. Check your insurance coverage

There should be a section under “covered expenses” relating to prostheses, prosthetic devices or medical durable equipment. Most insurance companies do not highlight exclusions so pay attention to the actual coverage.

2. Your physician will provide you with a prescription for your wig known in medical terms as a Full Cranial Hair ProsthesisBe sure to call your insurance provider and find out if your policy includes this coverage (including the specific reimbursement amount and number of wigs). 

3. After you purchase your Knottie Gyal wig, please inform us that the wig is being used as a medical wig and we'll provide you with a purchase receipt to submit to your insurance provider for possible direct reimbursement back to you. 

4. Be sure to mail the necessary paperwork directly to your insurance provider via Certified Mail. Keep a photocopy of the purchase receipt, prescription and any reimbursement forms that you submitted to your insurance provider.

*When completing the insurance company’s reimbursement form make sure that you indicate reimbursement should be sent to you.


Call 3 days after sending to confirm that they received your paperwork.